We Compose Our Stories Like How We Compose Our Lives, Part 3

Concluding the reveal of the “development playlists” …

The songs were all sourced from my own personal CD collection (yes, I still buy those) that’s in turn transferred onto my iPod (affectionately called “i-djproject”). As a musical artist myself, I appreciate any and all support so I can continue doing what I enjoy doing and, in turn, can provide the fruits of my own labour for you, the listener. I know this sentiment is shared by all artists as well. Please support them as much and as often as you can. If you do this naturally, thank you.

See the playlist for Walk in Silence

“Faith,” The Cure iTunes Amazon Ana’s chronic depression: her life mantra. When she later recounts her life to Joachim, she will say “I went away alone with nothing left but faith.”
“Shattered Fairytale,” Tearwave iTunes Amazon Ana’s chronic depression: mourning a shattered fairytale
“Wallflower [Original Version],” loveliescrushing iTunes Amazon Ana’s chronic depression: longing for something like romance once more.
“Winter in My Heart,” VAST iTunes Amazon Ana’s chronic depression: at the same time, she has some contempt toward the notion of experiencing romance ever again.
“A longing to be absorbed for a while into a different and beautiful world,” Leyland Kirby Ana’s chronic depression: a yearning to be healed in the midst of darkness.
[This is available on the album Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was. It can be obtained here]
“In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated,” Dead Can Dance iTunes Amazon Ana’s chronic depression: bitter conclusion. Interestingly, all of these songs can also apply to Joachim as well.
“Festina Lente,” Arvo Pärt (composer), I Fiamminghi/Rudolf Werthen (ensemble/conductor) iTunes Joachim’s musical inspiration. It can also be an additional cry of Ana.
“Славословие великое
(знаменного роспева)” [The Great Doxology (Znamenny Chant)], Sergei Rachmaninoff (composer), The Robert Shaw Festival Singers/Robert Shaw (ensemble/conductor)
Amazon Joachim’s aim for the choir.
This is part of Rachmaninoff’s Всенощное бдение [All-Night Vigil]
“Chant No. 5,” Lisa Hammer iTunes Amazon Ana’s subtle beacon to join the choir.
“Black Cat,” Ladytron iTunes Amazon This is the state of the parish when Joachim enters.
“Marquis in Spades,” Smashing Pumpkins iTunes Amazon This reflects in some ways the power issues within the parish.
[My actual source was the Zero single as part of the box set The Aeroplane Flies High]
“The Grudge,” Tool This is the slander against Joachim (and by association, Ana) and his resolution.
[This is available on the album Lateralus]
“The Final Cut,” Pink Floyd iTunes Amazon Ana opens herself to both Fr. Andrej (through Confession) and Joachim (recounting her life)
“Repetition,” David Bowie iTunes Amazon Ana recalls her abusive family.
“History,” Bush iTunes Amazon Ana recalls her running away after the death of her aunt and primary guardian, Mileva.
“Flying Foxes,” Moby iTunes Ana recalls her time in New York and of her romance with Stefan.
“Afraid of Everyone,” The National iTunes Amazon Ana recalls waking up from the coma and leaving New York, bitter and heartbroken.
“Silver Silver,” Lycia iTunes Amazon Joachim provides comfort and Ana is moved by it.
“Complex,” Gary Numan iTunes Amazon Ana is at peace with Joachim. She sings the last stanza to herself in Serbian as a kind of lullaby.
“J’s Heaven,” Slowdive iTunes Amazon Joachim is a bit ill at ease with Ana staying over the night.
“The Battle to Heaven,” MONO iTunes Amazon There’s a tense moment between Joachim and Ana.
“Feel So Different,” Sinead O’Connor iTunes Amazon Both Joachim and Ana feel a change for the better individually having known each other.
“Unison,” Björk iTunes Amazon Both Joachim and Ana feel a change for better by being together.
“Miss Sarajevo,” Passengers [U2] iTunes Amazon Both greet the dawn of a new day.
[My actual source was the CD single under the Passengers moniker, which is a single edit. What’s referenced here is the radio edit.]
“Look Outside,” Broadcast iTunes Amazon They part on good terms and assure each other they will speak soon. Ana also begins to reconcile with others.
“Messages,” Vangelis iTunes Amazon The epilogue: Ivo and Ivana’s wedding; Joachim and Ana help celebrate.
“Shine,” Ulrich Schnauss iTunes Joachim and Ana cross Longfellow Bridge together and leads to the closing credits

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