And Then This Happened …

It has been a long while I have written something.  As it should have already been established, I only write something here when there is something worthwhile to report in regards to this project.  In addition, I have been busy with many things, both personally (mostly in the dayjob realm) and creatively (a lot of other projects I’m trying to realize on top of this one).  But I have now some time to mention a few things that I have happened recently.

1) The Key and the Frame was selected to play at Byzanfest 2014, the first short film festival devoted to Orthodox Christian filmmakers.

2) I had a chance to talk with Chris Vlahonasios – who also initiated Byzanfest 2014 through his blog, Orthodox Filmmakers and Artists – about what I am trying to do here and it became the first episode of his podcast programme called The Moving Icon, distributed through the Orthodox Christian Network.  To access it directly, go here.

For more information about his blog and all of his various efforts, go here.

For now, it’s just moving forward as much as one can.  And remember: just because I have not written anything here does not mean I have not forgotten this project.  How can I?


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