This blog chronicles the journey to realize three feature-length narrative films that are each about a couple living and working in the greater Boston area.  When grouped together, they are called “The Relationship Triptych.”  However they are each parallel, stand-alone stories with no character cross-over interaction or plot interlinking.

Individually, they are called On Nights Like This, All That We Are and Walk in Silence.

They are written and tentatively produced/directed by Derek Power, who resides in Woburn, Massachusetts (11 miles north of Boston).  His titles are music composer/producer and “proven filmmaker” and these are his true aspirations in life.  He was born in Great Falls, Montana, grew up mostly in Herndon, Virginia, attended the College of William and Mary whereby he received a Bachelor of Arts (in Music) in 2005 and working since then on his creative career while trying to “get through this thing called life.”  One such fruit of his creative endeavours is The Spangle Maker.