We Compose Our Stories Like How We Compose Our Lives, Part 2

Continuing with the reveal of the “development playlists” …

In addition to thinking about what songs could illustrate a certain scene or state, I also made some guidelines that would take advantage of my personal music collection and not weight it toward a certain artist or style.

One condition I had was that an artist would appear either once or in all three.  Slowdive, Tearwave and Vangelis are examples of this.  The Cure, Joy Division and Gary Numan may appear twice, but each provided the titles for each of them.  For an example, The Cure provided the title for On Nights Like This and thus Joy Division and Gary Numan appear in the playlist.  The only exception to the “all or nothing” rule was with Harold Budd and Brian Eno providing “First Light” and “Failing Light” on the On Nights Like This playlist.

There are a few songs that I always intended to be the actual cues for the scene.  There are also a few that would become a potential cue.  There are finally a few that would lead the way to a potential cue.  I’ll leave it at that for now =].

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We Compose Our Stories Like How We Compose Our Lives, Part 1

I’m someone who likes to listen to music whenever I do things.  This also applies whenever I write (like several writers and even screenwriters).  I find that having music helps inform, inspire and gauge what you are doing, especially when you have a sense of what it should be.

When I was developing each story, its characters and its script, I would listen to a playlist I designed specifically for that potential film.  It maps the general arc and each song reflects either a particular scene or a character’s state of mind.  They provided for me the means of experiencing the journey and the world of these characters, their lives and their choices over a span of time.  In turn, I hope that this transferred onto the page and potentially on film.

These next few posts will cover those playlists I made and used for the writing and development stages.  I have included, wherever possible both the iTunes and the Amazon links (both US stores) for the individual song and its corresponding source (either the exact one I used or its closest readily available one).  The links in the artist column will direct you to their official page/site (or barring that, their Wikipedia page).  I also included a brief explanation about the song’s “function” in the story as well as any other relevant information.

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We Compose Our Stories Like How We Compose Our Lives, Part 3

Concluding the reveal of the “development playlists” …

The songs were all sourced from my own personal CD collection (yes, I still buy those) that’s in turn transferred onto my iPod (affectionately called “i-djproject”). As a musical artist myself, I appreciate any and all support so I can continue doing what I enjoy doing and, in turn, can provide the fruits of my own labour for you, the listener. I know this sentiment is shared by all artists as well. Please support them as much and as often as you can. If you do this naturally, thank you.

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