Another Appeal for Assistance

I really don’t want this blog to be filled with nothing but appeals.  But you have to do what you have to do.  After all, the reason why this is dormant is because nothing is happening.  I can only do so much on my own at this stage of production.  Furthermore, I have to support myself in this thing called life.  As I’m not blessed with a spouse who could help me on that front … or roommates or residing with family … I’m on my own.  So all in all, I’m extremely busy – mostly with things that have nothing to do with my goals – and nothing is happening that’s worth reporting.

Bottom line: I need help.

The biggest help I need is an additional producer.  I definitely need someone who has had some experience and/or understanding on how actually to make a film as this is something I haven’t done.  For myself, I’ve been thinking about and writing notes and ideas on what the production can be like.  But I really need someone who can bring everything together and present it to others as a complete package including a better front page.  This additional producer should also be just as enthusiastic and supportive of the project as I am.  Everything else should stem from that need.  Though that said, I’m also looking for the lead actors and actresses (or a casting director who can help me find those leads) as well as the key department heads such as the cinematographer, production designer and editor.  I’m looking for production essentials first before I start thinking about additional crew members.

Some of you may be thinking: “Derek, you’ve never made a film before.  Why are you wasting a professional’s time with this pursuit?”  My response is you have to start somewhere.  Also I’m tired of having inexperience be an excuse not to help someone.  This is especially the case when experience is used to create a Catch-22 situation for those who want to break into the field.  If you want to help me get experience in some small way, please let me know.  Otherwise, I really don’t want to hear the experience sermon again.

Please submit resumes/letters to djproject with an appropriate subject line.

Thank you in advance.


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