General Casting Call

Call this my Christmas gift to one and all.

While I need anybody and everybody who can make these films a reality, the key ingredient for all of them are … the talent and particularly the lead roles.

When I was writing them, I had some idea of who they would look like. However I tried very hard not to put so much stock in figments of my imagination. And I certainly don’t have any illusions I can get any known actor/actress I would want. Plus I have no idea who would be good for it. Nevertheless, the point is I wrote it with an open mind as far as appearance and focused much more on the character itself and their respective course, both in the film and beyond it.

At any rate, here are my general expectations as far as each of the lead roles, alphabetized by character’s last name:

  • Sophia Avery (All That We Are): female, 24-28
  • Joachim Bainbridge (Walk in Silence): male, 25-30
  • Ana Dukich (Walk in Silence): female, 33-38 … Serbian is a definite plus but she should pull off the look
  • Elena O’Keeffe (On Nights Like This): female, 23-29 … since she will also play Nicole Bryne, she should pull off someone younger (23-25) but definitely should pull off the more older side (26-29)
  • Thomas Ritchard (All That We Are): male, 35-40
  • Christopher Waterson (On Nights Like This): male, 25-30

I could be more specific and add some key character traits, traits associated with occupation (i.e. Thomas Ritchard is a professor and should pull that off) and traits associated with the story (there is a lovemaking scene written in On Nights Like This) but I want to cast my net as wide as possible first.

Also I can say this with all honesty. Right now, I have and know nothing: no budget, no schedule, no backers, no crew, no equipment … nothing. Therefore I can’t make any promises about anything. I say this because I don’t want to create unrealistic expectations or give false impressions. All I’m really doing at this moment is asking if there is anyone out there who would like to do this.

If you are interested, please contact me at djproject with the character’s name as the subject line as well as a headshot, resume (if applicable) and an explanation of why you see yourself in that particular role.

Thank you … DJP


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