Staring at the Sea

They say it is useless to wait for your ship to arrive unless you’ve sent one out. This here is my shipping order =]

My goal is to get each of these films produced after having written them. But I cannot do this alone … especially since these will be my first feature-length films. I know what I want but I need help getting there. And so I send my ship out in hopes of a safe return richer than when it left.

If you reside in or near the greater Boston area and are interested in being one of the talents (especially the main roles) or the crew (especially the department head positions), contact me at djproject

If you want to donate to cause, you can use PayPal and the address to use is relate3

Otherwise, please spread word about this particular blog as this will be the center of all activity and announcements about the project.

In the mean time, I’ll be performing on my own networking efforts and cooking up some other things related to the project.

Onward and upward … DJP


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