Staring at the Sea

They say it is useless to wait for your ship to arrive unless you’ve sent one out. This here is my shipping order =]

My goal is to get each of these films produced after having written them. But I cannot do this alone … especially since these will be my first feature-length films. I know what I want but I need help getting there. And so I send my ship out in hopes of a safe return richer than when it left.

If you reside in or near the greater Boston area and are interested in being one of the talents (especially the main roles) or the crew (especially the department head positions), contact me at djproject

If you want to donate to cause, you can use PayPal and the address to use is relate3

Otherwise, please spread word about this particular blog as this will be the center of all activity and announcements about the project.

In the mean time, I’ll be performing on my own networking efforts and cooking up some other things related to the project.

Onward and upward … DJP

The Story Thus Far

For the past year, I’ve been working on three scripts to three films I wish to make. They all center on a couple living in the greater Boston area. Yet they and their journey are unique and parallel with no point of intersection. The point of it was two-fold: 1) to challenge myself to create a unique storyline and characters and 2) to provide many options. After all, why not provide multiple stories for different people?

Without getting into too much detail for the moment, I want to say working on these have helped me go through a really dark and rough patch. While things have not been completely resolved, I can say that I’m better now than I was a year or two ago. And while there were other things that helped me along the way, writing these scripts was a major factor in pulling me out of a dark spell.

And now … to make the effort to see these realized from the page to the screen …

Onward and upward … DJP

Hello and Greetings

Welcome to my blog dedicated to three films grouped under the name “The Relationship Triptych”: On Nights Like This, All That We Are and Walk in Silence.

The purpose of this is to chronicle the journey making these films into a reality as well as the personal journey to break into the world of filmmaking. This is also a way of sharing what I’ve done so far and ask for assistance along the way, either it’s contributing talent, treasure or even just piece of mind or a sense of peace.

I hope you enjoy reading this journey and come back often.

Onward and upward … DJP