The Story Thus Far

For the past year, I’ve been working on three scripts to three films I wish to make. They all center on a couple living in the greater Boston area. Yet they and their journey are unique and parallel with no point of intersection. The point of it was two-fold: 1) to challenge myself to create a unique storyline and characters and 2) to provide many options. After all, why not provide multiple stories for different people?

Without getting into too much detail for the moment, I want to say working on these have helped me go through a really dark and rough patch. While things have not been completely resolved, I can say that I’m better now than I was a year or two ago. And while there were other things that helped me along the way, writing these scripts was a major factor in pulling me out of a dark spell.

And now … to make the effort to see these realized from the page to the screen …

Onward and upward … DJP

Hello and Greetings

Welcome to my blog dedicated to three films grouped under the name “The Relationship Triptych”: On Nights Like This, All That We Are and Walk in Silence.

The purpose of this is to chronicle the journey making these films into a reality as well as the personal journey to break into the world of filmmaking. This is also a way of sharing what I’ve done so far and ask for assistance along the way, either it’s contributing talent, treasure or even just piece of mind or a sense of peace.

I hope you enjoy reading this journey and come back often.

Onward and upward … DJP